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How to hide ‘seen’ and ‘typing…’ mark from Facebook Messenger app!

We all hate the “seen” acknowledgement which Facebook adds under a message after it is read. While Whatsapp natively offers an option to turn off the blue ticks, there’s no such option for Facebook Messenger. However, you can still get rid of these Continue reading “How to hide ‘seen’ and ‘typing…’ mark from Facebook Messenger app!”


How to remove ads from Facebook!

You must have seenboxes full of advertisements on Facebbok which you might
not want to see. Although Facebook offers a close button to close these boxes, it is not a
feasible way to get rid of these advertisements. Continue reading “How to remove ads from Facebook!”

Create custom ‘Google Now’ commands!

If you are bored with Google-offered limited Google Now commands,you may create your own commands to enhance the functionality of the voice assistant. To do this, you will need two apps – “AutoVoice”(free app) and “Tasker” (paid app). After downloading both of them from ‘playstore’, follow these steps: Continue reading “Create custom ‘Google Now’ commands!”

While you are using your Xbox One,you may ask Cortana to check what your friends are doing. Just ask “Hey Cortana,is (friend’s name) online?” or “What is (friend’s name) doing?”

Siri will now talk to you as if you’re LEGO Batman if you say:

“Hey Computer”

Downloading the Undownloadable!

Here are some tricks to help you easily download almost everything on the Internet!

1. Download You Tube videos/audio Continue reading “Downloading the Undownloadable!”

How to get free followers on Instagram! (legally)

t5oknz1Follow these steps to get free followers on Instagram!

Continue reading “How to get free followers on Instagram! (legally)”

How to secure your files using a 256-bit encryption!


Continue reading “How to secure your files using a 256-bit encryption!”

How Hackers Hack Facebook/Gmail/Twitter Account by Hacking an Android Smartphone!

Now a days, most of the popular social networking website are encrypted with https layer.So all the communication between server and client are encrypted.It is not possible for Attacker to obtain the credential of victim just by sniffing and spoofing the network.So today i will show you how to hack facebook and other account using mitm attack and android smartphone.

Continue reading “How Hackers Hack Facebook/Gmail/Twitter Account by Hacking an Android Smartphone!”

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